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My experience with this nursery is terrible. I bought a tree and has done nothing after months. I also purchased another tree from a different nursery. It has been growing. They said the tree was in transplant shock and to wait 2 to 6 months for it to recover. Are you kidding me?! I think in order to get a refund I would have to send the tree back. No way! I do not recommend buying from this nursery. Now I have to explain my experience in a 100... Read more

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I ordered 13 trees. 8 arrived dead. I have a orchard and have planted many, many trees. I know a dead tree. They want me to wait longer to see if they bud. If the bud isn't swelling it's not going to bud, period. Everything they sent was undersized. The sycamore tree they sent was supposed to be 3-4 ft but was barely 2 ft and had been pruned back so many times that it looks like a bonsai tree. They sent me a magnolia tree that was listed as a... Read more

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Bad plants sent dead and refuse to replace. Should be shut down. Long history of poor service and lying. Attract customers with low prices and then send junk. I think they only survive because of high positions on Google search. I consider myself a Georgian and they are a disgrace. worst reviews ever. Nursery really doesn't exist per se as it just finds something somewhere to send to you. Reputable nurseries don't require sending dead... Read more

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Beware!!! If you are looking for seedling plants that were represented in gallon containers, plants that will take years to mature, If you are looking for auto reply's that explain transplant shock. Buy from Tyty. If you are looking for a quality plant at the same or close to home store or landscape store prices, visit your local home store or nursery. My order of $440 basically consisted of close to, if not 30 dead plants that I am trying to... Read more

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Lied paid extra refused to honor waranty Add comment

They sent us dead trees and won't give us our money back. They stated it can take 1-6 months for them to come back. Last time I checked the only thing to come back from the dead were zombies. Pretty angry about this. I sent several pictures and we continue to get the runaround. My wife and I sent several emails stating our dissatisfaction. I even offered to ship them back on my dime so they could see what we received but we continue to get... Read more

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I have ordered large trees from tyty and they were great....the trees are still alive and healthy...Don't know why people are complaining. I ordered 3yr raspberry berry plants that fruited the first year, 3yr grapes vines and large 8-9 ft trees with no complaints. I placed another order this year for 1 almond tree, 1 Russian pomegranate, and 3 more grape vines. Each was healthy and I have another order still for tennesee fig, and 2 goji berry... Read more

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Same story here. I bought 4 plants from them, 2 of which did not survive. they said they would not replace but would issue store credit, which would not cover the cost, plus shipping of even one plant. Then, like an ***, I ordered a Drake Elm from them, It was advertised as being 6 to 7 feet. when it arrived $58.00 later, it was only 4 and one half feet tall, with only one root, which had also been cut. What I got for my money was a 4 and one... Read more

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I will never buy anything from Ty Ty again and I will give the same advise to anyone who asks. Here's my story. I purchased about 12 blueberry, blackberry, and raspberry plants in late spring, planted them in my back yard with TLC and 4 of them didn't survive. The plants that survived seem to be doing well. I was OK and understand root shock, as long as they would replace them. In order to adhere to their return policy, I sent all dead plants... Read more

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Called to let them know omy shipping out of 4 different bamboo plants 1 had died. It was completely brown and when I pulled it up the roots were nearly all gone. I didn't know that I was going to have to be a photographer but they wanted me to take a picture of it. I don't usually safe dead sticks because anybody else doesn't ask for a picture. After spending around $150.00-$200.00 dollars I would expect them to be more professional. I plant... Read more

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