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In November, 2011, I ordered four Pecan Trees from TyTy Nursery that were supposed to 8-9 foot tall. They told me that they would ship in December while they were dorment.

I received them in January and planted them right away (forgetting that they were supposed to be bigger than the 5' +/- trees that I got).

So far only two of the four have showed some signs of life (but not much). I haven't contacted company yet, but based on the these reviews I don't think it is going to do any good; but I plan to.

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I also ordered 6 trees and shrubs from them in December. But when they arrived, it was obvious that they were beat up and completely dead. I called to complain, but they told me to plant them anyways because they are 'dormant". I'm a biologist and I know the clear difference between a plant in dormancy and one that is completely dead. But I didn't push this issue too much. The "customer representative" was completely rude and unprofessional.

Well, its nearly June now and none of the plants are showing ANY SIGN OF LIFE. I called back again and they told me to fill out their replacement form online. Guess what? They want the plant material back AND they want another check for 25% of the value of each plant.

A COMPLETE ripoff.

STAY AWAY from this nursery.

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