Ty Ty nursery will not replace plants by using the on hold or person in charge isn't here but will call back routine. I have had 80% of the purchased plants either not break after dormancy or die in short order and I was a nursery owner so I do know how to properly care for plants.

Their plant information is sometimes wrong also. I recommend you go elsewhere.

Be careful as they are one of a few nurseries with different names but are the same or affiliated nursery. They are a resale type nursery yhat dosen't grow all their own plants if any.

Review about: Ty Ty Nursery Plant.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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I called and sent pictures showing they sent the wrong plant and that is the last time I have heard or been able to contact them. No response to email and no one answers phone.

@Ty Ty isn't a scam.... are you one of the "hardworking people"? I cannot think of a different approach.

I have been very patient and only asked what could be done and poof... now they do not answer phone or email.


I have to wonder about a company that think they have to show over half nude women in their photos in order to sale products. The products should sell themselves.


I decided to call the phone number on their website to ask a few questions about Ty Ty Nursery. After asking the man who answered the phone where they were located, he responded by asking me where I was located.

No problem. I told him I was interested in purchasing a Rainier cherry and a couple of peaches. He told me to go to the website, essentially dismissing me. Undaunted and having some difficulty finding the exact name of the nursery, I asked him if they had any reviews on-line.

Click... he hung up the phone.

Based on my own brief experience with this company and their many terrible reviews, I'm led to assume that this is a company that is best to avoid. Run, don't walk away from Ty Ty Nursery!


in the 20 years iv done business with Ty Ty never once have I been mistreated or neglected, perhaps you people who are having issues should concider taking a different approach with this company, I for one know the employees are hardworking people just as yourself.


They have refused to fulfill my order - they only shipped one of the five shrubs I ordered from them and they are non responsive now. They are rude on the phone.

Their "manager" is only at the store from 4-6 pm and he's the only person that works there that can handle anything.

They are dishonest and crooked. DO NOT ORDER FROM THE NURSERY AT TY TY.

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