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I have placed several orders with TyTy: fuyu persimmon, li jujube, white Italian fig, black mission fig, Thompson seedless grape, red Crimson grape, flame seedless grape, apricot tree, blackberry plant, and maybe others.

They all arrived in a timely manor except the one ups lost (ups admitted this).

They all put on impressive growth this year, even have a few grapes and figs.

Two died and I followed the instructions given me and uploaded requested photos and received a credit, only out a few bucks for shipping which is fine as I'll have the replacement added to the next order.

One was the wrong variety of fig but I only found out when it fruited.

I contacted TyTy and uploaded photos explaining what happened and got the following response "thank you for brining this to our attention, when can we ship the correct tree?"

Can you believe this! Such a responses!

No arguing, no fighting, no credit.

Just an offer to make it right at their expense for shipping.

I was so pleased I offered to have them include the replacement in with my next order, which they accepted.

I will keep ordering from TyTy until I'm out of space or own all the varieties they offer that fit my liking.

It's nice to had a good experience once in a while with all the bad service out there these days.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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I've had a similar experience with TyTy

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