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Never again!Bad Seller!

We have been growing grapes for our own use for over 50 years and never had one that did not live until buying 8 vines (About $100 with shipping) from this seller (Ty Ty Nursery). Some plants were dead (rotten) upon arrival. Of the 8, 2 grew and are still alive. Ty Ty Nursery would not replace any of the 6 dead plants.

I have e-mailed several times with no responce. I have called TYTY several times and left messages. One time TYTY returned after about one year, to say the dead plants needed to be returned to them for evaluation, but the buyer pays for that return shipping. I had pictures of the bloken dead vines when they were unpacked, but they needed to have the dead plants for inspection before they could decide on replacement; also, if they decide to give replacements, the buyer agian must pay that $23 shipping cost.

Now, I am ordering from a mail order where they offer 100% satisfaction guarantee.Never again will I order anything from TyTy.

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