I recently received my order from Aaron's Farm Nursery (a.k.a. TyTy).

I had ordered 4 bareroot trees and only received 3. The one I was missing was the LEAST EXPENSIVE of the bunch. When I tried to explain, THEY DIDN'T BELIEVE ME! I got the run-around from several different people with an accusatory tone.

EXCUSE ME? Why would I call and waste EVERYONE'S time if I didn't have a problem? Wow. Bottom line, I had to get a reimbursement from my own bank.

Too bad, because I have ordered from them before and received a decent product. GUESS WHAT? "Bye-Bye, TyTy!" You've lost my business. Too bad you don't know how deal with your, uh, customers.

Oh yeah, that's right, you know, those people who allow you to earn a living in the first place? DUH!

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I had a similar problem. 2 shipments and both were dead trees.

They will not respond to my email requests for replacements. Bad business.


Please contact me directly to get schedule for replacements. We do stand behind the quality of our plant material and understand that some of the perishable product might not survive transplanting. My telephone number is 229-388-9999 or email . Thank you for purchasing your plants with us and we look forward to getting this corrected.



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