Last year I ordered 4 Muscadine/scuppernong plants, a raspberry and a grape vine and all are dead. When they arrived only 2 were tagged so I had to guess which were which.

When none of them grew I contacted the company and was told to fill out a replacement form and send back to them at the end of the season. Well I marked my calender and did just so. When I calle dagain to check on the replacement form I was told to wait and the replacements would be shipped out at the beginning of next season March/April time frame. I called 3 weeks ago and they told me my order was shipped the previous day (after being on hold for 10+ mins and tossed around to 4 different people).

I called back this morning and advised then that nothing arrived and was put on hold for 18 min until they finally picked up and hung up on me. I promptly called back and the snotty guy who answered told me that he couldn't tell me anything until 4pm when the shipping people come in. These plants were not cheap and now I am out $130+ this company needs to return our money then go away! PLEASE DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM TYTY !!

Look for other reviews! This company has really has some poor business practices with many of its customers.

Monetary Loss: $130.

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I had similiar problem. Ordered 2 Pecans, 2 Paw Paw, 1 Apple tree.

the Paw Paw trees died.

I ordered Feb 2009. Called in late Spring informing them that the Paw Paw trees were not growing. They said to wait until August. I called back in August, they siad to wait till next Spring.

I did so called back in April.

Received notice that their 1 year replacement guarantee has expired.

I have 8 more trees to buy. Will definately not do business with TyTy eer again.


Sounds like someone doesn't agree with the policies of companies, If you don't like it then you shouldn't try to order from places. You people make my forum browsing all the better.


ordered 10-12 ft oak tree. received 8ft tree that had top hacked off and most branches pruned improperly or broken.

planted it any way now have a dead tree. filed complaint with better business bureau.

tyty told the bbb id receive partial refund. neverdid

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