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I purchased 3 plants from TyTy Nursery. All 3 were smaller than advertised. I requested a 2 -3 foot olive tree and was told that they were out of stock, but I could buy a 3 - 4 foot tree. When the tree arrived, it was under 3 feet. The other plants were smaller than advertised as well. I called and complained, and asked for a refund of the difference of the cost between a 2 - 3 foot and a 3 - 4 foot tree and likewise, a refund of the difference in the price of the plants that I paid for and received.

The 'manager' was very rude and argued that they were out of this and that, and that I should ship the plants back at my cost plus a 25% fee. I insisted that I only wanted to be refunded the price difference between the size I recieved and the sized they shipped me. He hung up on me.

Never, never buy from TyTy or Arons.

Review about: Ty Ty Nursery Tree.

Monetary Loss: $62.

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Ty Ty is Bad bussiness. Stay away.

You must have every i dotted and every t crossed perfectly and then they might listen to you.

Willis Orchard is waay better and more professional. Ty - Ty needs to go out of business.


I ordered from TY TY before I read the bad reviews. I called back immediately to cancel and was told ok.

In reality, my order was not cancelled but indeed processed. When I noticed a charge to my credit card from TY TY, I called back. I was told that they had made a mistake, and the plants had already been shipped. When I asked how the problem could be solved, I was told that nothing could be done.

When I asked if he had read the bad reviews online, he said yes, that he had. What reliable company would not be bothered by this many bad reviews?

Halwan, Al Qahirah, Egypt #151628

I went by and picked out several palm trees to be shipped. I got 6 different trees.

One died and I ordered a replacement - it's a drawf beside the remaining trees.

I've been trying for weeks to order another replacement but no return phone call. Terrible business people, too difficult to deal with!


i purchased online in good faith 2 trees,

a grape vine and raspberry bush over a week mention of miniumn order but was billed

$20 for shipping. I have recevie no acknowledgement of purchase only $ 35.70 was

held by google. I want my money returned.As

others have said horrible company.


These guys are bad players. I ordered five berry bushes.

They shipped four, all four were way undersized for "three year old plants". Two of the four looked dead and were in fact dead.

You can't ever reach them by phone and they didn't respond to fax or mail. STAY AWAY FROM THEM


Even though they were polite when I called to complain and offered to send a replacement. The blackberries I received from them were common field blackberries and not Choctaw as advertised. I would not want to replace with more of the same so our production and marketing of this variety will be one year delayed.

Cherkasy, Cherkas'ka Oblast', Ukraine #12230

I ordered a 9-10 foot sassafras tree from TyTy. I received a 4 foot tree.

I have called 4 times to make arrangements to either return the tree for refund or get the difference in price refunded. I am always told I have to talk to "Ryan" who is never there.The guy I talk to is very rude.

I finally got to talk to "Ryan" who said he would look up my order and get right back to me. That was 5 hours ago and I have heard nothing.

My guess is I am stuck with the overpriced, undersized tree that looks dead. Live and learn.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #8702

My husband ordered 4, 9 - 10 ft apple trees. They were to be shipped that Monday. They cost nearly $800. They were to be here last Friday and didn't show. When dh tried to call them their phone has been disconnected. We called Amex and held the charges.

The trees arrived today - 10 days late and guess what, these "9 - 10ft" trees are smaller than my husband who is not quite 6 ft tall. They also came with no root balls so how long do you think they'll survive?

Hubby is on with amex now disputing the charge.

Shadyside, Ohio, United States #8212

My grapes did finally come and were all alive and nice plants.

Landenberg, Pennsylvania, United States #8137

i was going to order a 100.00 plus tree but am afraid to now can anyone tell me of a trustwothy order house email me please at

Sunbury, Ohio, United States #7342

I ordered and received 36 blackberries and grapes. The 2 year old were the exact size as the 3 year old, but the 3 year old were more than double the cost.

They were dead upon arrival. I started calling. Everytime you call - you can only talk to Todd and he doesn't come in until 4:00. But when you call after 4:00 he is already gone for the day.

I finally talked to Todd, he said email him the pictures and a scanned copy of my bill. I did - for 2 weeks, he didn't open my email. I called every third day to see if he had opened and he said "I am going to get around to opening all of my email this afternoon". Yesterday - the person "no name would be given" said that Todd doesn't have email and the reason they can't process all the complaints is because of people like me that call so often to get email open when they don't even have email.

He told me I was taking time away from other customers when I call in and then hung up on me.

I still haven't receive an answer on if and when I will get my money back or replacement plants. NEVER order from this Company.

Shadyside, Ohio, United States #7285

On April 28, 2007 I printed off the Ty Ty order form from the webb and mailed it in with my check for a grapevine order. By May 16 I hadn't received my grapes so I went online and verified my check had cleared.

I called the 800 number and was advised that they only ship grapes during the planting season which I had just missed. I was told my grapes would be shipped in the next planting window. March 8, 2008 came and I still hadn't received my grapes so I called again and was told they would be out in the next 2 weeks. March 31 came and still no grapes.

I called at noon and explained my situation. I was placed on hold and then several minutes later was told to call back in an hour they had to look up my order. Fine whats your name "click". An hour later I called and the person that answered the phone knew nothing about my previous call and told me I really needed to speak to Todd who wasn't there but would be there at 4:00.

I called at 4:06 asked for Todd and was told call back in 10 minutes he's not here yet. I asked could you do me a favor and have Todd call me and the reply was I'm doing you a favor by telling you to call him. I called back at 4:20 asked for Todd and was told call back in 10 minutes he's on another line "click".

Finally at 4:36 Todd picks up the phone and takes my information and says he'll get my grapes out to me. So far I still don't have them but sure won't be buying anything else from these rude people.

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