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The plants were a reasonably good deal, guaranteed to grow, and there was a wide selection so I decided to try them. I should have looked up reviews first. Here are the facts:

I bought two bare root trees, ten raspberries, 8 various other berries, one banana bulb, and three grape plants. After the 25% addition for shipping total was $165.

The raspberries went to my brother, a grape and a tree went to my neighbor. All the berries died, my tree died (never grew anything), neighbor's tree died after minor growth. Banana grew to be a couple feet tall and bulb disintegrated. One grape plant did well, the other was very small to start with but survived...$165 for two grape plants.

So I tried to get replacement plants. I started talking to them mid January. Turns out only one guy handles returns, and he is in only one hour a day, and I got run arounds for several days on multiple occasions about when he was supposed to be coming in next.

After innumerable phone calls, repeated faxes of return authorization request, costs to return dead plants, and 10 weeks elapsed time I finally got *some* of the plants they promised to send. When the replacements finally came the tree was missing.

Not only this, but when I called two weeks after my plants were to be shipped (to find out where they were) the plants had been shipped and no one knew it. They told me to call back later to see if the banana could be pulled up before the leaves formed and it could be identified...

If you want plants that won't grow and want a ton of trouble and additional costs to get the supplier to almost honor their warranty, go to TYTY...

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1 Peach tree dead

1 Peach tree barely living

1 Plum tree dead

1 Plum tree barely living

1 Grape vine dead

3 grape vines (3yr fruiting size)no way they will produce this year!

1 Blackberry dead

1 Blackberry has one bud

Very expensive when nearly half the plants are dead and the others are very inferior.

Now they want me to pay 25% of the cost of the dead plants to replace them plus shipping both ways.

Hillsboro, Illinois, United States #442566

Purchase two GA Belle peach trees, received trees not knowing they were dead thin a door knob. Call to try and get them replaced.

Chad and some other guy let me know without the in-voice no happenings. My issue is this, when I send you the in-voice you will be able to look up the purchase, but me providing you my name and billing info will not do. Wow, they will not last long doing business in this manner. Times are to hard to get taken over some trees, lesson learned is this, do not buy from Ty Ty Trees, go location where you can conduct business face to face.

Ty Ty Trees does bad business. Lowes- Homedepot here I come


I am so sorry everyone has had issues. They do appear as rude and their website is sexually explicit.

Not a site children need to be looking at. We need to get the government involved in this.


This is unbelievable. I had the same experience.

When I ordered 5 trees it took them about 3 hours to charge my card and about 3 to 4 weeks to receive my order. 4 of the 5 trees have died and they are refusing to replace them. They claim they were not planted in the correct zone. Oh, really...the Ty Ty website informed me that I lived in the planting zone acceptable for these trees and they may have mentioned this before they shipped them to my address.

I spent additional money to have a professional landscaper plant these trees to ensure they were planted correctly.

I would say they should be put out of business but it appears they are putting their self out of business with their lack of customer service. I will definitely be filing a claim with the Better Business Bureau of GA among other actions.

Conroe, Texas, United States #9436

The same happened to me. I received a banana plant in the mail and the box was turned upside down during shipment.

I paid a *** 25% for shipping but they couldn't just put a "this side up" label.... the banana's heavy root killed its only growing stem. I contacted them several times, no reply.

I also learned that they charged me $20+ for shipping, when I checked the shipping company's website it only cost them $10. TyTy sucks....

Rolla, North Dakota, United States #6767

You know you have to water those things, right?

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