we ordered 2 chinquapin oak trees and 1 summer pecan tree on jan 31,2011. they were sorry looking plants when received but we planted them soon as received.

(we live in east Texas.) they were watered in and taken care of. it is now April in east TX. and all other trees are leafed out and plants are growing except for these trees. the bark still shows green but no growth.

there is alot of knots and buggy places on trunk. even if they eventually grow they probably won't make very good trees. we called the company this morning to see about replacements and were told to fill out forms but then it says they only except them after the growing season and we wanted to have them for this growing season. it says send dead plants.

well these aren't dead they just aren't much good. we paid alot of money for these trees. I'm sure this will be our last time to order from this nursery.

tytyga. thanks Bobbie from Texas

Product or Service Mentioned: Ty Ty Nursery Tree.

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I ordered two pecan trees and they arrived looking very weak. We planted three trees one from a local nursery which looks besutiful and full of leaves BUT the two from TYTY never made it.

They give you a gift certificate but now I have to pay shipment again.. I will have spent almost $200 in shipment and no trees. When I ask to speak to a manager, they would not connect me.

The same guy had answered the phone the entire time. It is a scam.


I agree 100%! I ordered five grape vines, vineyard ready, and all five arrived DEAD!

I am no novice with plants, especially grape vines. The asynaptic neanderthal said they were dormant. They have remained "dormant" for eight weeks, and are decaying. Never again TyTY!

This is truly a POS company that should not be allowed to scam customers! One would think the state of Georgia could and would take action to curtail their operation!


I tried to place a order, turns out they have a minimum amount you have to spend. I went to add more to my cart only to find out my small order was charged.

I called and asked what they wanted to do. They denied I ordered at all. I provided paypal transaction if number and was told a refund would be issued after the 3rd time I called. No refund was issued so I filed a claim with paypal.

I will get my money back from this scam. Read the yelp review it's ridiculous.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #659014

Ordered the Heartnut Walnut and English Walnut for a grand total of about $70...Received two sticks which died after planting. What a rip-off!

And their return policy - they are ridiculous; do they really expect me to pay another $20 to submit a replacement application? Horrible customer service. Did not see all the bad reviews before ordering. Why are they still in business?

I hope this horrendous company goes out of business soon,so no one else gets cheated. HAH.

Winder, Georgia, United States #638999

I wish I would have seen this before I purchased last month. I see not much has changed in years!

I bought 2 Loquats and 2 Mayhaws. A month later they finally came in (and I live in Georgia). I purposely ordered 3-4ft tall Mayhaws and the tallest one is 2.5 ft.

The Loquats leaves are full of either a disease or bug spots, but are all mostly brown and not green. Wish me luck with dealing with them!

Lake Worth, Florida, United States #615083

Stay away from this place. Buy locally these guys are not trust worthy!

I just ordered 6 plants from them. 2 of them had almost no roots and looked dead. The other four look good with leaves about to come out although they are a bit smaller then what I ordered. I have sent multiple emails to them about the dead plants and I have been completely ignored.

I will be contacting my credit card company and posting all over the internet that they sell dead products.

Cleveland, Ohio, United States #580197

i placed order on august 13 and and i called 3 or 4 times to ask my order, they said they are going to ship it. but today when i called they said their computer crashed and they lost all orders.

and when i placed same order exactly they charged me 245 which was 71$ back then.

now they are saying this is different season they can not do any thing. see how scam this company is, they lost me one season.


Ryan, you folks can make all the sex filled plant videos you want, but word is going around about how you screw customers over. I just looked on google earth for your property and it looks like a wasteland.


Buyers beware !!! Paid $75 in March for a Japanese magnolia tree which arrived DOA, small buds on tree dried up & dead & tried reviving to no effect.

Per their replacement policy, you pay an extra $20 to get a replacement sometime this fall 6-9 months later which they probably hope you forget it about by then.

Keep getting a run around when trying to talk to a Rep !!

So if I keep trying to get a replacement, it'll end up costing me $75+$20= $95 +$20 cost of sending back the dead tree = $115. Buy from a reliable nursery that a has FREE replacement policy !!!


I will make sure no one within a 30 mile radius of me (in md) ever buys anything from tyty again unless you send me a tree that will live ryan phillips


you sent me a dead tree, and you dare ask me to pay for return postage & 25% tyty nursery is a ripoff. DO NOT BUY


it wouldn't kill you to provide decent customer service & not cut the freaking buds off of the leaves. if a twig is green, is it going to survive? hmm d*mb*ss


I purchased a Persimmon in 2008. Tree looks beautiful.

This year it finally fruited. Everything is great except it was the WRROOOONNNGGG species. I ordered Tanenashi Persimmon and the tree is bearing Fuyugaki Persimmon. Just great all those seasons waiting lost.

I want to order a Hachiya but not sure I want to order from them. Anyone know a more reliable site.


Please contact me directly to get schedule for replacements. We do stand behind the quality of our plant material and understand that some of the perishable product might not survive transplanting. My telephone number is 229-388-9999 or email . Thank you for purchasing your plants with us and we look forward to getting this corrected.



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